Policy and Governance

Through the local and regional experience, Enova has been an important player in the policy frameworks setting and development within the public sector. We are committed to ensuring appropriate policy baselines within the main pillars of our work, mainly environmental protection, energy and socio-economic development as well as innovative approaches. Our contribution in these segments has been significant; thus continuously growing toward supporting the processes leading to EU integration and reaching Sustainable Development Goals; tailor-made to the specific micro-locality, its processes, behaviours and legitimate interests-all in the aim of providing support to the governments in order to respond to the needs of the local population.

We offer a specific holistic approach to problem solving, taking into consideration environmental protection, energy solutions as well as economic and social matters, which bring about deployment of adequate measures and mechanisms on behalf of governments in order to ensure sustainable growth and reduction of poverty.

We provide a range of specially combined services in order to fulfil the very specific need and role of each of our clients, taking into account complex policy and program environments, including multiple layers of government or agencies, as follows:

  • Designing policies and developing policy frameworks
  • Identify, extracting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Designing and conducting surveys, and analysing and interpreting results
  • Managing sensitive policy issues involving consultations with vulnerable and minority groups
  • Ensuring mainstreaming of gender issues throughout policy development